25 December 2020

Heresy Dances With The Dead Happy Goth Songs Crimbo Edition

A special edition of Dancing With The Dead, originally broadcast as part of the Christmas Day takeover of the station at mmhradio.co.uk , this spot was originally due to be filled by Adz of Heresy, instead Ben Jekyll endeavoured to provide some happy goth songs to keep within the style!

Loaded with happy goth goodies from

Razed In Black – oh my goth!
The March Violets – walk into the sun
45 Grave – riboflavin-flavoured, non carbonated, polyunsaturated blood
The Bolshoi – someone`s daughter
Echo and the Bunnymen – crystal days
Clan of Xymox – obsession
TR/ST – dressed for space
Siouxie and the Banshees – happy house
Bauhaus – she`s in parties
Rosetta Stone – the witch
Oingo Boingo – dead mans party
Aesthetic Perfection – never enough
Blutengel & Massive Ego – nothing but a void
London After Midnight – kiss

Catch Ben Jekyll in his regular spot, 8-10pm UK time, Saturday night on mmhradio.co.uk

You can also catch Heresy in its usual spot, 10-midnight on a Saturday night.