21 September 2020

Gallows Circus II

Gallows Circus, II EP – out 25th September


Kent-based Gallows Circus are relatively new to the scene having formed in 2016. In this short time, they have come to the attention of several national radio stations, include BBC’s Kent Sessions. Their debut EP was well received, their reputation as a hardworking and hard rocking band on the rise is growing, and they release their second EP ‘II’ released this week.

The intro to ‘Hell’s Whiskey’ teases a little southern fried rock ballad but then bursts into life, a chug-rock, heavy and infectious track which blindsides you. The gruff yet melodic vocals are clean and crisp and pull you in, taking you with them and making you want more. The pounding beat forces movement (I won’t call my movement dancing…) and the short yet impressive guitar solo made me momentarily forget where I was. This is a fireball, a tenacious ear worm. Love it! What a start to the EP.

‘Medicine Man’ is a dirty blues track with heavy drums and gritty riff, and the vocals are simply seductive. The track changes pace at around 2 and half minutes, and the guitar work rocks my world. This is fun and funky and shows a flexibility to the band and their style.

‘Who Cares’ pulses through my brain, punchy and catchy, a smooth riff overlaid with snare and cymbal. The gang chant backing vocals bring attitude to the chorus and remind me of Bigfoot. The style and lyrics however are otherwise fresh and current, and this track is just addictive!

Bass heavy-hitter ‘Bring Your Crucifix’ grinds my hips and curls my top lip into a snarl as the chorus soars. This will be immense live if we ever get back to that. It gets better with every play and fills my soul with joy.

‘Hunt You Down’ has a stunning acoustic intro and ebbs and flows, building towards a savage chorus. This is my track of the EP and, hell, of the year. It has it all, emotion, passion, and power, and leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. A slow burn beast, I listen while sat in the afternoon sun with a cigar in hand and my eyes closed. Bliss…

The EP closes with a radio edit of ‘Hell’s Whiskey’. I truly love this release and cannot wait for the album which will hopefully follow pretty soon. No pressure lads, but I’m waiting…. Buy it. Tell you friends. Buy it again. A great EP.


Rating: 5 out of 5

Stand out tracks: Hunt You Down, Hell’s Whiskey

For more info check out their website https://www.gallowscircus.co.uk/


Gallows Circus are Ian Day (vocals), Ben Attwood (guitar), Richard Tunbridge (bass), and Steve Kitchener (drums).