30 April 2022
Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan

Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan 29.04.2022 show


April is kinda over. Follow the Tribe April 29th show is also kinda over. The podcast remains, though. So, there you go, me hearties.

Featuring epic artists as usual.



Myrath – Believer
Pagan’s Mind – Walk Away in Silence
After Forever – Sweet Enclosure
Marvel – Slasher With a Broken Heart
Omni of Halos – Carefree
Daedric – Dawnbreaker
Trollfest – Flamingo Libre
Dead City Ruins – Preacher
Rioghan – Promises
Pershagen – Langt Bort Nara
Sonata Arctica – No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart
Kirk Hammett – High Plains Drifter
Septicflesh – A Desert Throne
Fallujah – Radiant Ascension
Kardashev – Compost Gravesong
Caliban – Ascent of the Blessed
Conjurer – Rot
Black Void – Dadaist Disgust
Madsword – How Much Progress
Asia – Long Way From Home
NovAct – Path of Daggers
Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4

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