26 April 2022

Fallen Mafia Release New Single ‘Splinters’ on May 6th 

Splinters tells the story of time and how sometimes the simplest of things can trigger the strongest memory. A memory which often starts off as a lone flickering flame in the distance, surrounded by the dark. A flame which burns brighter and stronger the closer we get to it. It becomes a story of our family and friends. People who we spent time with, people who we laughed and cried with and people who shared in our success and in our failures. People who for one reason or another have slowly drifted away in different directions with the passing of time, taking their own memories with them. Splinters tells a story. It is Our story. The story of the Splintered Society – FALLEN MAFIA 

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Website:  www.fallenmafia.co.uk


Splinters Review  – By Diane D  MMH 

After the harmonious and gentleness of ‘Broken’ that surfaced in February, this new single ‘Splinters’ rages like an impending storm. It’s also a composition that’s bolder, embracing the theme of people, who’s lives are shattered, by distance and time. Hannah Cowan has the seductiveness of an alluring Siren, her vocals are powerful, eerie and maintain the sense of solitude that the band seek on this single. Placid guitar chords by Chris Johnson and Ruth Cranston with distant backing vocals, offer tranquility amid the subtle rise of tempo, before combining with a coda of chiming echoes. Once again Fallen Mafia have written from the heart and once again, it’s a song, that will embed itself in my mind.