03 December 2021

Darkside with Andy Shaw – 2-12-21- 2 Hours of New Extreme Metal

Darkside with Andy Shaw – 2-12-21  – The best in New Extreme Metal


Black Altar – Sacrilegious Congregation

Casket Robbery – Bone Mother

SURHIM – As You Bleed

LUNARSEA -Aqueducts

Aporium – Air Breather

CELESTE – Des torrents de coups

Sarkrista  – Sermons of Burning Blood

Rongeur – Naileater

Aephanemer – Le Radeau de La Méduse

nocturnal graves – death to pigs

Carnation – Napalm Ascension (Live at Galaxy Studio)

Aporium – Force

MYSTIC CIRCLE – Letters From The Devil

Hundred Headless Horsemen – Echoes

Abigor – The Saint Of Murder

Belakor – Foothold

Black cilice -Vigil of Ruins

Dead space chamber music – Mari Lwyd   Morfa’r Frenhines

shape of despair –  Reflection In Slow Time

devoured by the oak – Une Couronne de Branches