24 July 2020

Darkside – 23rd July 2020 2 hours of the darker side of Metal

Playlist 23-7-20

TEMPLE OF DREAD-Commands From A Black_Soul 

Dethlehem – Mind Flayer

Ages – Burn Them

Visceral Violation – En Un Costal

Killitorous – Eat your God Alive 

Ossuary Anex – Firestorm

ATRAE BILIS – Sulphur Curtain

Karnivore – War is coming 

Narcissistic Necrosis – Isolated Evil Within 

FACELESS BURIAL- Limbic Infirmary



SEPULCHRAL CURSE – Into the Depths Unknown

Hinayana – Cold Conception (Ft. Nature Ganganbaigal)

IN MOURNING – The Smoke 

INSIDIOUS DISEASE – Enforcers Of The Plague 

Stellar Master Elite – Freewill Decrypted 

Der Rote Milan – Der Findling copy

Svederna  – Tempelhärd

Enshadowed – Divide You Fall

Blood of Angels – Disaster of Supremacy