13 November 2020

Darkside -12-11-20 – 2 hours of Black, Death & Doom Metal

Darkside -12-11-20 – 2 hours of Black, Death & Doom Metal

WOMBBATH – Brutal Mights

Vile Cynic – Blood Eagle

Mors Principium Est- My Home My Grave 


Scordatura–Nothing But Dust

Scordatura interview

Scordatura-Collapse Of Humanity

CORRUPTED SAINT Process of Elimination

Luna_In_Sanguinem- Perfect Neighbor

MRTVI- Exercise In Mistakes

Sulphur Sun – Trilobite Thief

DVNE – Of Blade and Carapace

Loss of infection – Black Earth

Cellar Vessel – Narcissus

Revulsion – wastelands

Eleine – Where Your Rotting Corpse Lie

Eleine interview

Eleine – Crawl From The Ashes

HELLON – Ashes Of The Gods

Affliction Vector –  A Mere Illusion

Nervosa –  Guided By Evil

Consumption – Rigor Mortis