04 December 2019

Dark Sorrow – Dark Sorrow

The heart of West Midlands, Birmingham, is a home of many great rock and metal bands. Black Sabbath, Godflesh, Judas Priest, Mistress, Anaal Nathrakh, Esoteric – just to name a few but the list goes on and on. While the old wolves still howl, the young pups bare their teeth. Highly determined, they whet their appetite for eternal fame and glory. And one of them is a black metal band named Dark Sorrow.

Dark Sorrow are Corpsepaintguy/Jeavan Garcha on vocals, Dark Angel/Oliver on drums and Executioner/James on bass and guitar. This trio may seem to be a bunch of kids messing around with metal music but they have much more to offer. They list Marduk, Bathory, Mayhem, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon as their main inspirations. Working tenaciously while recording, promoting and performing their debut album, Dark Sorrow made their first steps into world of black metal proving their infernal intentions.

The self-titled album consists of six tracks and was recorded with help of UPRAWR Studios and Robannas Studios in Birmingham. Dark Sorrow will take you for a journey with its raw and thrashy sounding. Opening track, I Am The Fire which was also used to promote the album, surprises from the very first notes with its harsh sonic boom. But that initial impact is quite catchy I must admit. Vocals are absolutely dead raw, somewhat kvlt I’d say. I Am The Fire promises a heavily underground experience addressing the pure Armageddon, continued in the next track I Crave Blood – a short story of a sick desire with a brutal gore showdown. World War Execution Order 666, personaly my favourite track from the whole album, with its oddly stark guitar riffs, smashed drums and rugged vocals is gut-wrenching. It sounds like an anthem that the forces of hell would sing while assaulting the realm of the living. ‘Their bodies buried deep in the ground, The human remains will never be found’. Next track, Forest Of Suicide, enslaves with its thrashy tones. It’s also the longest piece on the album. My second favourite is Blood Storm Abomination. Mumbling cries backed with harsh and blunt sounds tell a story of Satan’s bride ‘She’s feeding off your screams, she is a demonic queen’. Closing track, Satan’s Mighty Executioner, is an essence of the whole album. Satan, destruction and death as inspiration and distorted rawness as sounding are the very lifeblood of Dark Sorrow.

My overall impression about Dark Sorrow’s debut album is quite positive. Dark Sorrow is not dully composed and delivers some of pure, old school black metal fury. It’s raw, rough, gritty, a bit ferocious and absolutely underground. However, you can feel a dose of amateurishness, reminding of old but gold first wave of kvlt 1990’s black metal. As for the first release, the band presented quite a decent album with some disturbing artwork as its cover. It has its infernal and harsh hooks. I believe that next album will allow them to improve and expand their potential. Still, well done Dark Sorrow.

Listen to Dark Sorrow here.

Highlights: World War Execution Order 666, Blood Storm Abomination, I am The Fire

Dark Sorrow is available from 5th September 2019 as a self-release and can be purchased here.

For more on Dark Sorrow visit: Facebook, Bandcamp