17 July 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 24

When was the last time you listened to some bona fide new music?

Last week? Last month?

However long it`s been you can fix that right now and get a fresh load of new singles in your ears with Ben Jekyll

This week has new tunes from

Aesthetic Perfection – a new drug
Saint Chaos – walk feat Sam Tinnesz
Altered Myths – ride
Fighting Colours – a billion smiles
Fortitude Valley – baby, i`m afraid
Palaye Royale – no love in LA
Call To The Faithful – animals
Vial – roadkill
Young Pretorians – desperation party scene
Turnstile – holiday
Calling All Captains – undone
Blight Town – frostilicus
Messer – everything beautiful
Andrew WK – everybody sins
Insurgent – dogma
Novelists FR – do you really wanna know?
Capstan – blurred around the edges feat Saxl Rose
Memphis May Fire – death inside
We Came As Romans – darkbloom
Crystal Lake – curse
Employed To Serve – exist
TheCityIsOurs – death of me
Featured – horizon feat Andrea Kerr
Blutengel – darkness awaits us
VNV Nation – chrome
Knife Party – boss mode

Dancing With The Dead will be back next week, 8-10pm UK time on Saturday night via mmhradio.co.uk 

Please direct any love/hate/praise/distain/requests/submissions to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk