05 June 2021

Dancing With The Dead Vol 18

Join Ben Jekyll as he celebrates 3 years on the air presenting Dancing With The Dead.

The concept of the show has been in existence for 4 years, but joined Midlands Metalheads after the first year.

Over that time the show has stuck to its formula of new music every week, no genre is out of bounds and it doesn`t matter if the bands were signed or not.

This week features a mix of old and new, major label and underground including

Funkiwis – 4th dimension
Molotov – nostradamus mucho (que si caiga el teatro)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – suck my kiss
Trash Boat – don`t you feel amazing?
Nine Inch Nails – piggy 22.29
Ludovico Technique – becoming numb
KoRn – rotting in vain
Turnstile – mystery
Shelter – civilised man
Decade – peach milk
Milk Teeth – owning your okayness
Halflives – victim
Featured – stitched up feat Christine Olsen
Garbage – wolves
Curve – horror head
Bullet Height – hold together
Mojave Phone Booth – video creep
Snake River Conspiracy – vulcan
Mad Capsule Markets – bit crusherrrr
Helmet – pure
Dir En Grey – obscure
Enter Shikari – sssnakepit
Bring Me The Horizon – the house of wolves
Jimmy Eat World – i will steal you back
Little Sis Nora – mdma

We hope you like what you hear, so much so that you tune in again next week on Saturday night from 8-10pm UK time.

Also if you have any requests, submissions, praise or suggestions drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk