06 June 2020

Dancing With The Dead Remix Special Edition

In this edition of Dancing With The Dead we have an hour of fresh shiny new music and then we take a remix binge for the majority of the second half.

Check out some music from

Bobby Funk – i`m a cat
Brassick – they say
Smiling Assassin – national pride
Dead Reynolds – by your side
Black Hawk Down – sick kind
A Broken Silence – soul
Cicadastone – dying in sunshine
Restive Nation – coma
Porn – high summer sun(Orgy Remix)
Dark Matter – think of the children
Smash Into Pieces – big bang
Barbara Black – damnified
Die Ego – demons have demons
Mantar – ghost highway
Violet Orlandi – wasted on you
Sweet Vs The Mission – ballroom blitz
Amaranthe – maximise remix
White Zombie – electric head pt1 (Satan In High Heels Mix)
Fear Factory – machines of hate
Megadeth – almost honest(Danny Saber Mix)
Marilyn Manson – kiddie grinder
Nine Inch Nails – self destruction, part three
Pitchshifter – genius(Lunatic Calm Remix)
Gravity Kills – down (Lords Of Acid Power Mix)

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