17 June 2018

Dancing With The Dead Podcast June 16



Dancing With The Dead delivers another 2 hours of awesome new tunes.

This week the new tunes are broken up with some interviews from Download


Thrice – the grey
Emp!re – sour tastes
Death Blooms Interview
Death Blooms – last ones
Seething Akira – matching poles of magnets
Good Charlotte – actual pain
Less Than Jake Interview
Less Than Jake – short fuse burning
Spiral Crush – one shot
Theia – throw me a bone
Resin – monster
Pretty Pistol – hurricane
The Young & Restless – family values
Eat Defeat – a little less than ok
CKY Interview
CKY – 96 quite bitter beings
Halestorm – uncomfortable
The Adarna – sugar
Ded Interview
Ded – anti everything
Black Peaks – home
Lovebites – social hell
Pitchshifter – triad