25 February 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Feb 23

Each week Ben Jekyll brings as many new tunes from the worlds of rock, metal, punk and indie into Dancing With The Dead.
This week includes songs from
The Amazons – mother
Gloo – stop and stare
Slot – 30*
Louna – hearts of steel
From Carbon – petty tom
Newmeds – whats your problem
Merricks Tusk – hold the waves
Colt 48 – disconnected
Mini Mansions – gummybear
Not Ur Girlfrenz – friends or memories
Trigon – the goddess
Infected Rain – passerby
Borders – 731
Elyne – wake up
Front Line Assembly – amadeus feat Jimmy Urine
The Deadnotes – makeup
Flight of Fire – monster in the mirror
Sister Kill Cycle – blood pact
Palisades – erase the pain
New Found Glory – the power of love
Weezer – mr blue sky
Rendered Heartless – mirror wall
Blacklist 9 – kali smile
Employed To Serve – force fed
The Blueprint – consafos