08 November 2021

Dancing With The Dead Oct 21 Mixtape

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a look at the best of the best that we have been lucky enough to have had submitted, all mixed and mashed into one gurt big mix/mash up.

We dash through rock, punk, indie, industrial, goth, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, metalcore, death metal and whatever else gets thrown our way.

This month features music from

Hocico – backstabbers
The Joke Jay – awake
Weird Wolves – overdrive
Health with Poppy – dead flowers
Aesthetic Perfection – bark at the moon
Diablo Swing Orchestra – speed dating an arsonist
MaHa Rocks – too often i was offered to die (alt version)
Rabbitjunk – denature (Lazerpunk Remix)
Masked – still living feat Pigeonchild
High Desert Queen – did she
Ben Hemming – lost faith
Reef – shoot me your ace
Foxhaunt – monster
Royal Republic – back from the dead
Ruby Fields – r.e.g.o
SevenStones – break
Plush – athena
Shane Archer Reed – monsters feat Roscoe Red & Ashley Rose
Feeder – magpie
Superlove – save yourselves
Mom Jeans – what`s up
Peaness – what`s the use
Pulled Apart By Horses – first world problems
Social Animals – adults
Lady Bird – infants
Those Without – happy ever disaster
Heatensun – beach
Nyt Liv – givet op
Dregg – beta gods
One Morning Left – beat it
Thornhill – casanova
Of Mice & Men – mosiac
Wage War – manic
Spiritbox – yellowjacket feat Sam Carter
Memphis May Fire – somebody
Dying Wish – coawrds feed, cowards bleed
Sentinels – comfort in familar pain
Like Moths To Flames – the preservation of hate
Scarsin – chains
Dynazty – advent
Ad Infinitum – animals
Manimal – chains of fury
Schemata Theory – voices
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – intersecting storylines to the same tragedy feat Aaron Gillespie
The Last ten Seconds Of Life – the sabbath
Johnny Booth – deepfake
Thrown – grayout
Ursus – dethcult
LGND – pagan prayer
Oceans – sulfur
Big thanks to every single PR and band that have submitted their songs.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything or anyone that we missed via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk

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