31 March 2020

Dancing With The Dead March Mixtape

Dancing With The Dead March Mixtape

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a look at the best of the best that we have been lucky enough to have had submitted, all mixed and mashed into one gurt big mix/mash up

This month features music from

Alcest – sapphire (Perturbator Remix)
Tiny Fighter – perfect game ( Monolog Rockstars Remix)
I Am A Rocketship – my nature
7 Days In Alaska – i can`t eat money
D Noise – pandemic
Calling All Astronauts – give them a leader
Turmion Katilot – kyntovuohi
Die Kreatur – die kreatur
Enter Shikari – t.i.n.a.
Milk Teeth – transparent
The Birthday Massacre – the last goodbye
Beyond The Black – misery
Shattered Skies – born of solder
Paralydium – finding the paragon
Aimee Steven – hell is a teenage girl
Motive Black – broken
False Hearts – remedy
False Heads – steady on your knees
Scarsun – holding out
Destrends – missing people
Violent Soho – pick it up again
Dead Reynolds – lines
SickOnes – agility
Lucifer Star Machine – baby when you cry
Carry The Crown – horizons
Skyfever – the wait
Fortunate Losers – tidal waves
Alter The Sky – sanctuary
Hyborian – driven by hunger
Cancel Tomorrow – run
Seven Spies – chameleon
Smack Jack – totalitarian vegetarian
August Burns Red – paramount
Die Another Day – fear the future
Blackcast – the american dream
Diamonds on Neptune – erase
Irist – creation
Malevolence – keep your distance
Imonolith – becoming the enemy
Ex Deo – the philosopher king
Intronaut – speaking of orbs
Embodiment – tyrant
Igorrr – parpaing
Among Your Gods – your choice

Thank you to every PR company, band manager or band member that has submitted their band or tracks this month. Every single one is very much appreciated and we make sure that every member of the DJ team has access to them to maximise airtime.

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This mix was constructed by Ben Jekyll, catch his show on Saturday nights between 8-10pm UK time.