13 May 2019

Codename Colin – Escape From Everything

Codename Colin – escape from everything

The first time I listened to this was in glorious sunshine, the natural environment for ska.
And in an attempt to be fair, I didn’t want the extra vitamin c to be influencing my opinion of this album being awesome,
so I waited for a gray day later in the week.

And upon the arrival of said gray day I found my copy of Escape From Everything and pressed play.

Thankfully this album is awesome, whatever the weather.

They have delivered another fantastic collection of Less Than Jake flavoured skacore.
It’s California sounding, but with a very British twist, the heavier punkier bits remind me of Capdown, and the reckless
abandon of pace changes from skanking slowly through the dubby numbers like Turn the Tide, the cynicism in the lyrics of
The World Is Going to End remind me of fellow ska punking genre blenders King Prawn.

And there’s still room for proper thinking, even if it’s delivered with a wry smile on Little Things and Struck,
both of which everyone will relate to, but most won’t want to admit!

Each song has a story to tell, and they tell them vividly through cunning lyrics, some serious groove in the rythym section,
some well placed horns (as is traditional with the best ska punk!), some sneering rasping vocals all backed by skanking
guitars that explode into the choruses on demand.

This is how ska punk should be done, brilliant tunes with songs that make you smile, think and at times touch the heart, which is exactly why it`s one of my favourite things I have heard all year, and can see it being a big part of the rapidly approaching summer soundtrack!

The album is out June 1st and the singles The World Is Going To End and Little Things are out now.

Visit the band here https://codenamecolin.com/

Buy the album here https://codenamecolin.bandcamp.com/album/escape-from-everything

Show the band some love here https://www.instagram.com/codename_colin/