09 February 2020

Cheerbleederz – Lobotany

London-based indie rock band Cheerbleederz release their second EP Lobotany today. The 3-strong band guides us on a syrupy sweet journey through their experiences as women in the modern world. Featuring members of FRESH, Happy Accidents and Finish Flag; Kathryn Woods, Phoebe Cross and Sophie Mackenzie wanted to make a band that explores being women together. This is how Cheerbleederz started. Merging features of indie-rock, punk and pop, the band have crafted a thought-stirring and musically pleasing EP.

Beginning on a mellow drift, the EP starts strong with ‘say 2 u’, a harmonic and laid-back track. At around one minute 50 seconds, a stronger beat kicks in, giving us a more Wolf Alice impression with the raw and driven guitar sound paired with the rhythmic drum patterns. The song finishes back where it starts, recoiling for the remaining few seconds into the same chill vibe as the beginning, but the song still promises a lot for the remainder of the EP.

With Lobotany, the band voices many personal issues, revealing their vulnerabilities and strong feminist views. ‘disco’, one of the EP’s singles, tells the tale of feeling left out and figuring out your own place in the world and the music industry. The song is mellow and enchanting, but the lyrics are powerful and rich with meaning. It’s a fun track, and the music video even more so. I’m also getting some Two Door Cinema Club vibes here. This is my favourite track on the EP.

‘sometimes i cry at work’ is a notion all of us can probably relate to. The song is its own harmonic bubble of voices and melodies. The rhythms in the verses are amazing, the drums are clear, contrasting with the dirty guitar sound. I like this one though. I’m hearing lots of 90s indie rock influences on this track.

And finally, the last song on the EP, ‘gaze of others’ is an easy listen and addresses the feeling of being judged and scrutinised under the gaze of others. This song, along with the overall EP, details the things the three band members have experienced as women and brings to the public ear a marginalised group of people.

Cheerbleederz already have a massive following and will continue to build their fanbase with the release of their stunning EP Lobotany. Kathryn says, “we just want to have fun – that’s why we’re doing it…we’re writing and making music together without any expectations and it feels very freeing”. Isn’t this what the music industry should be all about?

Highlights: “disco” and “say 2 u”

Lobotany is out now via Alcopop! Records and can be purchased here.

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