08 January 2018

BLIGHT: full streaming of “The Teachings + Death Reborn”; Writing new 2018 release

Hailing from Canada, black metal collective Blight was formed in 2008 from ex-members of bands such as Vatican or Unquintessence.

Now, while deeply into finishing and polishing tracks for an upcoming full-length album to be recorded sometime in 2018, Blight have premiered their latest effort “The Teachings + Death Reborn” on Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life. “The Teachings + Death Reborn” compiles the band’s EPs and was released for the first time on CD on December 22nd via Black Market Metal.

You can stream the album in full at this location: https://gbhbl.com/album-premiere-blight-teachings-death-reborn/