14 March 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught Podcast 12.03.21

Greetings and salutations to another edition, the greatest indicator that the weekend is on its way and that it is The Global Onslaught. We really have pulled out the stops this week to bring you a full-colour view from the window on the world of guitar-influenced music.

My guest this week is the delightful Lars Are Nedland from eclectic hard-rockers White Void who joins the show to talk about their debut album “Anti” an 8 track sky dive into the worlds between Occult Rock of the 1970’s, the no-excuses-hard rock of the 1980’s and the British New Wave movement. Interesting, right?

Also on the show this week we have music from…

Apocalyptica- White Room
As Everything Unfolds- On the Inside
Atreyu- Warrior (Ft Travis Barker)
Beastwood-Electric Gangbang
Being as an Ocean- Catch the Wind
Combichrist-Not my Enemy
Introspect- The Wisdom of the Mountains
Lugosi-Hellfire Club
Of Mice and Men-Anchor
Perturbator- Death of the Soul
Psyence- Dirty Gonzo
Seeker- Bite your Tongue
The Dogs- Under the Coast
The Dust Coda-Jimmy 2 Times
The Fiasco-Played me at my Own Game
Them Bloody Kids- The Demon
Twisted Illusion- A Moment of Lucidity
Urne-Desolate Heart
Venues- Rite of Passage
Vola-Straight Lines
Weller- Energised
White Void- The Shovel and The Cross
White Void-This Apocalypse Is For You