03 February 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 31.01.20

Welcome to a new week and a new journey around the planet with the Global Onslaught. On the show this week we have an all-new playlist for your ears to enjoy, from the sublime and soulful Marcus King to the “call to battle” style metal of Sabaton, we really do have it all.

On the show.

A Life Divided- Hello Emptiness
Anchor Lane-Dead Run
Biff Byford-School of Hard Knocks
Broken Witt Rebels-Running with Wolves
False Hearts-Misery Loves Company
H.E.A.T- Come Clean
Idlewar-My Hesitation
Kris Barras-What a Way to Go
Kvelertak-Crack of Doom
Marcus King-One Day She’s Gone
Marko Heitala- The Voice of my Father
New Year’s Day-Skeletons
Our City Fires-Runaways
Pitchshifter-Un UK
Sabaton-Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Savage Hands-Blue
Serious Black-Let Me Go
Spell-Psychic Death
State of Millenia-Bleached
Stomb-Dimension Zero
Suicide Silence-Two Steps
Syteria-Make Some Noise
The Cadillac Three-Slow Rollin
Tomorrow is Lost-Wildchild
Wayward Sons-Punchline