06 December 2017

A gigging we will go!


Wille and The Bandits

Well I’ve dusted off my ‘going-out’ togs and heading off to Cardiff on Tuesday night to see these guys playing live at The Full Moon in Cardiff.

Now, my son has decided to merge into his mobile phone and can only communicate with grunting, I am free to scour the Midlands for great bands to see live. Especially especially those with a Blues flavour all over them.

Wille and The Bandits are known for creating an astonishingly huge sound, incorporating eclectic grooves from World music to Heavy Rock, using bizarre instrumentation such as Tongue Drum, Djembe, Lap steel guitar and Double bass they push the boundaries of what is expected of a modern three piece. Although difficult to pigeon hole, Wille and the Bandits are taking roots rock music to a new level.

Wille and the Bandits are renowned for their diverse songwriting and often likened to the greats of the 70’s such as Led Zeppelin, Santana and Pink Floyd, this comparison, although bold, only scrapes the surface of the Bands influences and sound. Wille and the Bandits are on a journey which has so far been miraculous. All achieved through hard work and a true passion for making music. Playing over 200 shows a year these guys are really tight. I for one am looking forward to Tuesday night in Cardiff.

I’ll tell you all about it next week on The Blues Cruise.