12 March 2022

#115 The Whizbanger Show Hot Flash Friday Int’l Women’s Day Edition, March 11, 2022  

Miss the show? Wanna hear it again? Have at the podcast, my friends, and enjoy!
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The Women: Alba DDU, Alexandra James, Carmen Espejo, Chloe Trujillo, Dara Santhai, Helle Bogdanova, Janita Haan, Johanna Lundberg,  Julie Brandenburg, Lady Ehepr, Laura Dolan, Lidi Ramirez, Lisa Lystam, Maggie Carlton, Marga Malaria, Misty Evans, Sarah Miles, Sheyla Sergio, Silje Wergeland, Stacey Savage, Suzy Bravo, Tanza
The Bands:  1945, Babe Ruth, Chloe Trujillo and Rav Medic, Demona, Downspeed, Electric Citizen, The Gathering, Heavy Feather, IGNEA, Illusions of Grandeur, Kabbalah, Lady Ehepr, Lost Tribes of the Moon, Lucifer’s Children, Savage Master, Seritas, Serpent Crown, Twin Temple, Witchcryer, Wytch
The Labels/PR:  Clawhammer PR, Dies Irae, DHU Records, Golden Robot Entertainment, Hells Headbangers, Honyock Records, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Judith Fisher and BJF Media, Killsound Productions, Napalm Records, Nocturnal Hustle, Psychonaut Records, Rebel Waves Records, Revolver Records, Ridingeasy Records, Ripple Music, The Sign Records, Skol Records, Steel On Steel Distro
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