06 March 2022

 #114 The Whizbanger Show Bandcamp Friday Edition for Ukraine March 4, 2022



Miss the show? Wanna hear it again? Have at the podcasts, my friends, and enjoy!

The end of this post has resources to support Ukrain, reliable news sources, and notes from some of the bands. Please read it through – cheers!

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Love y’all!

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The Bands: Acid Terror, Day of Wrath, Dropfist, Drudkh, Ekzistencia, Eskapism, Gasoline Guns, Hedles, HeirThronE, Ignea, Jinjer, Krilya, Obrij, Savage Damage, Septa, Setoml,  Soulrest, Terra Mortuis, Time Shadow, Zombie Attack 


The Labels/PR: Archaic Sound, Kryrart Records, Mythrone Promotion, Napalm Records, Season of Mist, Venona Records, Wolfspell Records


Band Messages: 


Thank you for support🤘Unfortunately we all had missed stream so I would like to receive a podcast. For now, our country and we personally suffer from russian invasion and try to find secure shelter and survive. This shit is real… So for now the most important help for us is to spread information about russian aggression and devastation of innocent citizens homes and lives by russian bombs to stop this war. This is very important for us and for our band of course.


But we all want to thank you for your support and we’ll be happy to return to you soon with our new music, with warfare in chords and peace in our country and all around the world.


For now, spreading the true information is the most powerful help for us


Greetings! First of all, thank you for your support on bandcamp! Secondly, thank you very much for featuring our Ukrainian bands on the podcast! This is an amazing support for these guys that are currently trying to survive under bombings of Russian military!


Hi, in current situation while our city is under bombing – we doing well enough (at least we are all alive). Nice to read it, not sure we will be able to listen to it in real time, but will check podcast for sure. 


Regarding support – the best you can do is to say a word about what is happening in our country now. Thanks.


Hi there. Thank you for your support. This is important for us now! now we are relatively safe, so we manage on our own. but thank you for caring!




Doctors without Borders


Whizbanger’s Bandcamp Page with all the bands on this playlist


Etsy’s Ukrainian Shops (loads of digital options)


Bandcamp Link with Ukrainian Metal Tagged


“Keep Ukraine’s Media Going” GoFundMe page


“Keep The Kyiv Independent Going” GoFundMe page 



Unbiased News Sources (VERY IMPORTANT!)


KYIV Independent


Pacifica Network 


AP News


Illia Ponomarenko (Kyiv Independent Defense Reporter) Twitter Page



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